Martha, Hair + Makeup Artist | Shares her experience with Jess

"...I kept rescheduling my photoshoot and making excuses, but the jist of it was that I just wasn't feeling myself. I began to question whether I should even continue with my business. I am a hair and makeup artist who’s job it is to help women feel empowered and beautiful. I am supposed to remind them of how beautiful they were created to be, yet I couldn’t look in the mirror and see that in myself. I felt like a fraud."

The Pain in Childbearing | My Brokenness

"One year ago my husband received the worst voicemail he has ever listened to in his life. I called when the bleeding started. He didn't answer; he was at a leadership conference with the rest of Compass Church's staff. I called again. I couldn't hang up because I needed him, and I left THE WORST VOICEMAIL EVER. I only sobbed, very loud. For about TWO MINUTES.

Jess LegaspiComment
My Passion

"Every woman wants a beautiful photo of herself even if she feels like she isn't beautiful. Any woman who says they don't is simply not telling the truth. Beauty is so deeply entwined in our hearts. Am I lovely? This is a question we long to have answered... I see it in myself, my friends, the women I photograph, and especially in my young daughter.

Jess Legaspi