Martha, Hair + Makeup Artist | Shares her experience with Jess

"...I kept rescheduling my photoshoot and making excuses, but the jist of it was that I just wasn't feeling myself. I began to question whether I should even continue with my business. I am a hair and makeup artist who’s job it is to help women feel empowered and beautiful. I am supposed to remind them of how beautiful they were created to be, yet I couldn’t look in the mirror and see that in myself. I felt like a fraud."

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The Pain in Childbearing | My Brokenness

"One year ago my husband received the worst voicemail he has ever listened to in his life. I called when the bleeding started. He didn't answer; he was at a leadership conference with the rest of Compass Church's staff. I called again. I couldn't hang up because I needed him, and I left THE WORST VOICEMAIL EVER. I only sobbed, very loud. For about TWO MINUTES.

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