Some days I consider quitting... and then I have a shoot with Troy + Jess

Some days I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing in this industry… I doubt myself, as we all do (no matter the industry). I wonder why I ever even thought this would be a good idea… I consider quitting.

…and then I have a photoshoot with Troy + Jess. My belief in my talent and ability is strengthened again. Every photoshoot I have, I pray. I pray that God will use my talent to create images that my clients will love, will want to hang on their walls, and will cherish forever. I pray that I will be smart (know what the heck I’m doing), creative, and go with the flow. Troy + Jess’s photoshoot included all of thee above. We started late and had to get all of our images in quickly before the sun set. When we were out of light- we embraced it and captured some of my very favorite images ever, and I had the opportunity to get a shot that I have been wanting to do for about a year now!
I absolutely adore so many of the shots from this session. They are just delightful.
I hope you think so too. Thanks Troy and Jess- you are wonderful.



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