A Simple Introduction


I'm Jess. I like chocolate, pretty things, frames that are hung straight, crazy hair, silly faces, and the color yellow.
I am in love with a handsome man who is loving, talented, and strong.
I am in love with a wild little girl that is funny and beautiful in the best ways.
I am in love with this little one in my belly that is proving to be a fighter so far.
I've lost a lot in this life, but I've gained so much more through LOVE.

I decided to start blogging because I want to share more photos here and what I love about the work I do. I like to share about the muses in my photographs. I am hoping to blog more often, and I hope that this will become a place for Unveiling Beauty. A safe place for women to find strength, courage - to be empowered by their own beauty. To Unveil the Beauty that has been waiting there all along.

This blog is for any girl or woman that wants to learn more about feeling beautiful in her own skin. I really hope to begin including tutorials/tips on beauty and on lifting one another up. This blog is for any girl or woman who has ever felt ugly, less than, tormented, alienated, not enough but too much at the same time for any reason. For all of the girls that struggle to remember that we don't have to fit into the form of what we are told and we do deserve love. Love is not blind.

I'm proud that I am finally finding the courage to really seek out and do what I love; photograph girls and women in a way that empowers them to feel beautiful in their own skin. It's a goal that I've had for over a year now, but I was afraid to jump out there and make it happen. I'm trying to work out a way to provide this service not only for those that have sought it out, but to also volunteer time to shoot with the girls that would never think that they could have their very own shoot. I want to be able to provide an Unveiled Beauty session for girls and women that have been victimized and taken advantage of. I am looking for the right organization to team up with to provide a session for a girl for every session that I book. I am still working on the logistics of how/what this will look like. If you want to be involved in any way or have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you take away anything while discovering this blog, let it be that beauty is so deeply entwined in our (women's) hearts and it was set there to be unveiled. This is in your heart. This is just how you were created. You may not always know how to bring that beauty to the world or if it will be appreciated, but that desire is there. I believe that we all have this very deep fear that we have no beauty within us, but I know it's there and it's just waiting. Don't believe the lies.

with love,


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