Colorvale Actions

This week I was informed that I won the Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge over at Colorvale with my black and white image below! You can see the blog post here.

So, in return I'd like to share a review of some Colorvale's awesome products, Only For The Bold Photoshop Actions.

For those that are beginners, Actions are a series of steps/adjustments saved into an "Action". You apply the Action within Adobe Photoshop with the click of a button. If you are looking for more resources on Photoshop Actions or how they work, check out Colorvale's Guide here.

I really adore the Only For The Bold Actions. They are so wonderful and easy to use! You can apply them with just the click of a button to dramatically change the mood of your images. It's really that easy. Plus, you can easily tweak them within the layers if you like the look, but want more of a "matte" look, less contrast, more depth, etc. Colorvale's Actions are high-quality and simple to use. You won't regret your purchase from them.
Not all Photoshop Actions are created equal! If you are going to purchase Photoshop Actions, please buy quality ones. Read the reviews, ask questions, and try some of the creator's Freebies.
You can download the Only For The Bold Freebies here!

Do you have a photo that you know cries out to be bold and moody? Well, I do, and here are some examples of it below.

Jess Legaspi