Martha, Hair + Makeup Artist | Shares her experience with Jess

I bought my photo session with Jess in September of last year on a day when I was feeling confident and beautiful. I needed new headshots for my website and knew Jess was the one to call, so I did.  


In the weeks that followed my chat with Jess I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and the doctor gave me the news that my chances of bearing children were now greatly reduced. I was devastated. Even though I kept reading articles and blogs about women that had been able to find ways to get pregnant, I felt alone, hopeless, and most of all I felt ugly. It was as if the doctor had told me I was not beautiful and that PCOS made me less of a woman. 


"I kept rescheduling my photoshoot and making excuses, but the jist of it was that I just wasn't feeling myself."

I kept rescheduling my photoshoot and making excuses, but the jist of it was that I just wasn't feeling myself. I began to question whether I should even continue with my business. I am a hair and makeup artist who’s job it is to help women feel empowered and beautiful. I am supposed to remind them of how beautiful they were created to be, yet I couldn’t look in the mirror and see that in myself. I felt like a fraud. 

After fighting with my own self over it for almost SIX MONTHS, I finally scheduled my shoot with Jess. She met with me a couple of days before my shoot to talk about my business and things got real deep. I told her about my experiences and my doubts and about how I felt like a hypocrite. She looked at me and said, “Martha, that doesn’t make you a hypocrite. That makes you experienced. It makes you real.” We talked about my vision for my business and how I wanted that to be captured in this photoshoot; and you know what? She just got it. She understood how much I needed to see how beautiful I am and that I am powerful and capable.

Its amazing how photos can speak to you that way. I see these photos and I like them! I love the way I look and I can see beyond my diagnosis; beyond my weight; beyond my flaws.

I am beautiful. 

I am strong.

I am feminine.

I am capable.


Thank you for helping me open my eyes Jess. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin, let alone in front of a camera! What you do with your gift and with photographs speaks to the soul.

Martha Valdovinos
Hair + Makeup Artist