Dining Room Makeover | Before + After


It's often hard to move forward after loss. It's difficult to want to do anything, to create, to grow because it can feel like it minimizes the loss. It minimizes that person to move forward without them. At least that's how it can feel. "Sometimes, allowing ourselves to dream about the future is an exercise of faith. It stretches us to let go. We shed layers of grief, fear, insecurity, or doubt in favor of the possibility of hope." - Lara Casey, Cultivate
So, I've been dreaming up spaces in our home as a way to soothe the grief instead. I've been creating new spaces in hopes of creating memories in the places we love. AND finding a way to tie in memories of our loved ones that have moved on to the next life.

I've been slowly going through our home and updating our spaces. I feel like we are finally settling in (after three years) and getting our home the way we want it. I decided to totally switch things up in here. When we first moved in there was a black and white engineering print on this wall with mountains but I wasn't in love. It then turned to a blank wall for quite some time and everything felt generic.





This area gets really beautiful indirect light throughout the whole day. The window is north facing and only gets a small amount of direct sunlight at the very end of the day in the Summer months. So, I decided this would be the plant sanctuary in our home. Earlier this year, I started incorporating plants into our home. I have a black thumb and I wanted to challenge myself to be more attentive. So, I did a little research into plants that will do well indoors, clean the air, and are cute. I found some of my faves online, visiting Lowe's, and The Bosque downtown.



That cute Desert Pear print came from Lana Gibson Art. If you follow along on IG stories, you may remember that frame was originally white. I painted it copper since my walls are white and I wanted it to pop with the other copper accents. I love art. In fact, I love making my own art. BUT ain't nobody got time for that right now. So, I'd prefer to go to small businesses and support their lovely work when I don't do it myself. She has so many beautiful pieces. It was hard to choose one. I was able to narrow it down to the Desert Pair because I really do love the desert and wanted to bring some of it indoors (I don't want cactus in the house with the kids). Check out her beautiful work on instagram or her website to see more than the Desert Pear. I also adore the Greenery print from her Moroccan Spice Collection!

The Dining Room light is definitely one of my favorite parts about this space. It actually inspired me to finish the space. Lighting makes a HUGE difference in the way your space looks. I suggest you invest in awesome lights for all your spaces! My hubby and I went to Ikea one day to get something for the living room. He went around a corner ahead of me with the little one and came right back. He said, "I just found our dining room light!" As soon as I went around the corner, I was in love. He knows me so well. It's so funky, fun, and out of a sci-fi. If you look at the pictures, you'll see that it looks like a ball or even the Death Star and it opens up! It's the IKEA PS 2014. They have other colors available too!



When I am designing spaces in my home, I always ask myself how I want it to feel. Romantic, clean, and simple are the ones that come up for pretty much every room in our house. I want to love every area and enjoy spending time there with the people I love. Just the other day I happened to be home having dinner by myself (that never happens!). So I sat on this bench and ate my Adobo in silence. It was so beautiful. The curtains in my living room were open and I could see the sunset from my little spot with the plants. It was very peaceful and I had such a sense of accomplishment.


I'll share some of the things that went into this space below:

  •  Vintage Projector Cart - thrifted and gifted to me by my cousin.
  •  Glass Photo Box - Handmade by Sherri Studios in Wisconsin.
  •  Plants - almost all plants are from Lowe's.
  •  Moss ball - hanging in left corner - gifted to me by my friend, from Kokedama.
  •  Wooden Plant Hanger Bracket - made with scrap wood from our garage.
  •  Marble Pillow - Target.
  •  Dining Light - IKEA PS 2014.
  •  Shelf - made with poplar wood from Lowe's. I just used 'L' brackets to hang it.
  •  Mirror - thrifted from Goodwill and painted black.
  •  Desert Pear Art Print - Lana Gibson Art in Fayetteville, NC.  
  •  Taxidermied Insects - gifted to me by my sisters, from Sweet Salvage.
  •  Clay Mountain Instax Photo Holder - I made it with Air Dry Clay!
  •  Stack of Vintage National Geographics - gifted to me by my late Grampa.
  •  Glass Terrarium - World Market.
  •  Air Plant - gifted to me by my friend, from the Bosque downtown.
  •  Vintage Fiberglass Dining Chairs - The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall.